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Love Locks

I took this photo on a bridge in Toronto. I like the meaning the behind the locks. It’s interesting how many countries have these love locks on their bridges.


Surreal Shadows

I was inspired by the shapes of the shadows.

Vehicle Reflections

I love photographing reflections in surfaces. I like trying to interpret the story and sorting through the surreal feeling of seeing the object and what’s being reflected in it.


The sun reflecting on a car headlight caught my eye.

Empty Swings

I was inspired by the abandoned vibe of the playground. Empty swings feel so lonely.

Relaxing Rocks

I took this photo in Spain. I was interested by the rocks relaxing in the water.

Hanging Out With Scamp

I took this photo of my dog Scamp at a park in Toronto. She was taking a rest during a long walk. Her expression is a mixture of relief, happiness and love.

Sun Shields

I took this photo when I was in Madrid, Spain. I was interested by the shapes created by the sun shields.

Twisted Metal

I took this photograph by a river in Toronto. I was interested by the shapes created by the twisted metal.