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Dancing Shadows

I took this photo because I was interested by the shapes and shadows on the ground.

Country Driving

I was interested by the car driving on the peaceful country road. I’ve been really drawn to monochrome photography lately because the world looks differently without colour.

Confusing Beauty

I converted this photo into b&w to focus more on the shapes and outlines. I also flipped it so that the perspective was a bit different.


I saw a basketball net when I was wandering around. I was interested by the different shapes and felt that monochrome would work better than colour.


Mailboxes always seem to be waiting for someone or something. I think their main skill is patience.

Lonely No More

I was interested by the different shapes in the alley. The empty alley felt a bit lonely. With the light shining down, it made it feel like something was going to change.


I took this photo in Toronto around dusk.  I was interested by the reflections on the icy water. There is a cold, yet peaceful feeling when surrounded by water.


I took this photo when I visited the Alhambra in Spain. I was interested by the architecture and shapes.

Beauty in Gibraltar

I took this photo during my tour of Spain which included the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. In this photo, we were on our way up to see the famous monkeys.  The view was absolutely breathtaking. This… Continue reading


I took this photo in Toronto. I was interested by the view of the buildings through the trees.  I converted the photo to black & white to provide more focus on the shapes and… Continue reading