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Man’s Best Friend

I took this photo when I was visiting the glass factory in Murano, Italy. I was drawn to the special bond between the man and his dog.

Italian Alley

This photo was taken when in Italy. I converted this image to black and white to focus more on the lines and shapes within the photo.

Monochrome Stem

I was drawn to the different shapes that were created by the stem and shadows.

Pigeon People

I noticed a group of tourists surrounded by pigeons in Venice, Italy.

Building & Statue

I took this photo in Florence. I was interested by the shapes and lines created by the light and the building.

Florence Art

There are so many talented artists in Italy. The art is beautiful and it’s interesting to see their perspective.


I took this photo by chance. I was taking a photo of the plant when a man went to take a seat on a bench. It’s kind of a mysterious shot that makes you kind… Continue reading

Serenity in Venice

I took this photo during my gondola ride in Venice, Italy. It’s a calming and serene way to experience the views from a different perspective/angle.

Dreamy Views

The views in Venice are beautiful.

Dreamy Venice

Charming, beautiful Venice. It’s like a dream but it’s real.