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I took this photo of a father and son enjoying the view of Venice from the St Mark’s Campanile bell tower.

Tourists in Verona

When I was visiting Verona, I took this photo of tourists wandering through the streets. It’s interesting to see so many different types of people brought together by travel.


I was interested by the letters identifying the garbage bin. It’s amazing how something ordinary can look beautiful when you take the time to really look at it.

Spooky Shadows

I took this photo because I was interested by the shadow of a tree. I intentionally kept a slight blur on the photo to add to the eerie vibe.

The Light

I was interested by the sun shining through the tree branches. I feel that this photo works better in monochrome because the focus is placed on the lines and shapes.

Restaurant View

I took this photo last year when I was in Prague. I was sitting in the restaurant and was interested by the flowers and by the people walking.

Pear Tree

I converted this image of a pear tree into black & white because I felt the photo would be more visually interesting. I like monochrome photography because it’s unexpected. We see things in… Continue reading


I took this photo in the summer last year. I felt that the image would be stronger and feel more tranquil as a black & white photo.


I took this photograph because the hydro tower looked like it had a strong & confident attitude.

The Path

I took this photo in September 2013 when I was visiting the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. I was drawn to the long path that the tourists were walking on.