Using Colour to Strengthen a Photo

Colour Photo of Tree Branches in Toronto Ontario Colour Photo Close up of Unique Garbage Can in Toronto Canada Colour Photo of Green Leaves and Snow in the background in Toronto Canada Colour Photography View Through the Trees in Toronto Colour Photography Close up of Park Bench in Toronto Colour Photography of Wood Rail in Toronto

I love the timelessness of b&w photography and the energy of colour photography. Depending on the subject, colour can enhance the strength of a photo.

I recently took photos where one colour was prominently featured. I feel that using this technique can increase the depth of a photo and make it a bit more interesting. The eye is naturally drawn to the object where the colour is showcased. Placing the focus on a colour can make the object feel more important or significant.

When I shot these photos my goal was to capture one colour a little more than the others. I tried different perspectives, angles and aperture settings to try achieve this effect.

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