Dogs in and around Toronto

Dog wearing yellow rain coat Toronto turning head Dog wearing yellow rain coat TorontoColour Photograph of shi-poo scamp at  a Toronto Beach Puppy waiting for owner in Toronto Canada

I love capturing the beauty in things that most of us tune out. That’s why I enjoy taking photos of everyday objects.

I think that for the most part, you can control shots of landscapes and objects. People and animals are a bit more of a wildcard. Just when you think you’ve set up a perfect shot, they move or look away. But I do like challenging myself and I want to take better photos of people and animals.

I took some photos of dogs recently that I wanted to share. I love dogs and have a major soft spot for them. The black and white shih-poo in the bottom left corner is my dog Scamp.

If anyone has any photography advice or tips, I’d love to hear them.