Photographs from a closer perspective

Colour photograph bike racks in Toronto

Newspaper on bench in Toronto Colour photograph bike racks in Toronto

Close up photo of caution tape in Toronto Close up photo of rope on scarded boxesToronto

It’s fun to take shots of objects from different perspectives. Things that look ordinary from a distance can look really special closer up.

I wanted to share four colour photographs that I took of ordinary items. We usually pass by these items everyday and view them at a distance. I felt that the discarded newspaper on a bench, the bike rack, the caution tape and the rope on empty boxes would look better from a closer viewpoint. When something is shown from a different perspective it’s a lot more interesting and eye-catching.

Published by Capturing Life One Photo at a Time

Passion for travelling and love of photography. Photography helps me share how I see the world. Whether it’s travelling to another country or visiting places in Toronto, I’m going to capture life one photo at a time.

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