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Autumn Dreams

Autumn is a beautiful season. I took this photo at a cemetery. I was interested because autumn is a transitional season with many plants going through their final cycle and the cemetery is… Continue reading

By the River

I was interested by the plant’s view of the river.

Lonely Leaves

I was interested by the fallen leaves on the path. They had a lonely feel to them.

Rural Road

I was interested by the country road surrounded by colourful trees.

Rain Drops

I took this photo because I was interested by the rain drops and by the scenery in the background.


I was drawn to the sun shining through the trees.


I was interested by the leafless trees and by the colourful view that they had. I feel that there is a lonely, yet welcoming feeling in this setting.


I was drawn to the beautiful reflection in the puddle. It was a misty morning when I took this photo.

Cornfield Shadows

I was interested by the shadows that seemed to be dancing in the cornfield.

Rustic Leaves

It’s interesting to watch the life cycle of leaves. There is something beautiful about watching the new buds blossom into youthful green leaves. I love when leaves enter their final stage and seeing… Continue reading