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View from a Gazebo

I took this photo in Cuba. I was interested by how the gazebo framed the people watching the sunset.

A Sunset Stroll

I took this photo in Cuba. I was interested by the silhouetted man going for a walk on the beach. He appeared to be enjoying the beautiful sunset and the relaxing sound of the waves.

Sunset in Cuba



I visited  Varadero, Cuba last week. I saw this couple taking a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset. It was such a serene and beautiful scene to capture.


I took this photo during a walk in the park at dusk. Watching the sun set through the foliage is so peaceful and serene.

Serene Sunset

I was interested by the silhouette of the flowers. They look like they are watching the sunset.

Sunset’s Glow

I took this photo at sunset. The light hitting the plant was golden and created an ethereal vibe.  


Sometimes, nature is so beautiful that you forget that it is real. I took this photograph near dusk. The way the light is hitting the flowers adds a bit magic to this shot.

Delicate Silhouette

When I saw this flower tilting it reminded of the quote following quote: “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” Confucius


There is something really special about capturing a photograph of a silhouette as the sun sets. The light is quite ethereal and has a bit of magic to it. I feel like so many… Continue reading