Photo Filters

photo filter negative effect snowy Toronto

photo filter negative effect snowy Toronto Snow in Toronto

I love taking photos. It’s amazing how a photo can capture a moment or feeling. Altering a photo can change how people perceive the mood or vibe.

During the snow storm a few weeks ago, I  took some picture while waiting for the bus. The other day, I decided to try the Photo Editor App on my phone.

I chose the “invert” effect on the photo to the left. By turning the photo into a negative, it changed the mood. I feel like the photo has an eerie vibe.

I wanted to make a subtle change to the photo on the right. I used the “down light” effect to darken the picture.

It’s incredible how subtle changes can affect the overall impact. You can improve a photo by cropping or change the mood by adding an effecting. The choices are endless.

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