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The branches looked a bit tangled together and it reminded me of confusion. When things feel chaotic, it can be hard to understand and sort out what is happening and what you are seeing.

Dreamy Leaves

I converted this photo of leaves into black & white because I felt it added a more surreal, dreamy quality to it.


I was interested by the letters identifying the garbage bin. It’s amazing how something ordinary can look beautiful when you take the time to really look at it.

Spooky Shadows

I took this photo because I was interested by the shadow of a tree. I intentionally kept a slight blur on the photo to add to the eerie vibe.

The Light

I was interested by the sun shining through the tree branches. I feel that this photo works better in monochrome because the focus is placed on the lines and shapes.


The weather in Toronto is finally warming up and I went for a walk to take advantage of it. I love taking photos of reflections. There is something really special about seeing an… Continue reading

Restaurant View

I took this photo last year when I was in Prague. I was sitting in the restaurant and was interested by the flowers and by the people walking.

Pear Tree

I converted this image of a pear tree into black & white because I felt the photo would be more visually interesting. I like monochrome photography because it’s unexpected. We see things in… Continue reading


I took this photo in the summer last year. I felt that the image would be stronger and feel more tranquil as a black & white photo.


I took this photograph because the hydro tower looked like it had a strong & confident attitude.