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I took this photo in Rome, Italy in a crowded tourist area. I was struck by the homeless man sleeping on bench and no one seemed to even see him at all. It… Continue reading

Venice Silhouettes

I love taking photos of silhouettes, especially in black & white photography. I feel like it can make a photo more interesting because more focus is placed on the shapes and lines in the picture. When… Continue reading

Venetian Charm

I took this photo of a gondolier in Venice. It’s really charming to see them dressed up and maneuvering through the old canals.

Make a Wish

Taking the first steps towards making a dream a reality can be the scariest steps we take.


I took this photo at a park in Toronto. I was interested by the contrast between the graffiti on the wall set against the trees.

Serenity in the City

I’m sitting on the dock of the bay Watching the tide roll away, ooh I’m just sitting on the dock of the bay Wasting time -Otis Redding

Monochrome Reflections

I love the simplicity, yet the complexity of black & white photos.

Stand Out

Sometimes, we just need to shine.

Shadowy Lines

I took this photo and kept it out of focus so that the it would be a bit more abstract. I like to take photos from different perspectives to try to see ordinary… Continue reading

Bike Lines

I was interested by the bike’s angles and lines and its the shadow.