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The wooden seat pieces of the bench reminded me of options and choices.

Shadowy Lines

I took this photo and kept it out of focus so that the it would be a bit more abstract. I like to take photos from different perspectives to try to see ordinary… Continue reading


The branches looked a bit tangled together and it reminded me of confusion. When things feel chaotic, it can be hard to understand and sort out what is happening and what you are seeing.


The branch reminded of decisions. Sometimes, we are presented with two options and we’re not sure which route we should take.


I was interested by the letters identifying the garbage bin. It’s amazing how something ordinary can look beautiful when you take the time to really look at it.

Dancing Leaf

I was interested by the leaf that was blowing in the wind. It reminded me a graceful dancer. I like how the leaf has blurred because it seems softer.


Life is about choices. There are so many questions and options in life that it can be hard to know what the right choice is. I took this photo because the candles remind me of hope. As we make… Continue reading


I took this photograph because the hydro tower looked like it had a strong & confident attitude.


Mailboxes always seem to be waiting for someone or something. I think their main skill is patience.

Eerie Beauty

I was interested by the eerie reflection in my car mirror. I made some tweaks in Photoshop and rotated the image to view it from a different perspective. Beauty can be found in so many… Continue reading