Exploring Palatine Hill

I took this photo in Rome, Italy. Palatine Hill is an interesting site to visit. You enter in through a natural park area with lush trees and beautiful foliage. As you walk further in you start to see the ancient ruins. It’s amazing that these buildings were built so long ago and many of them areContinue reading “Exploring Palatine Hill”

Dreamy View

Venice is a very romantic and dreamy city. Taking a gondola ride is a fun way to experience Venice from a different perspective. It’s relaxing to sit there and take in your surroundings as the gondolier steers you through the canals. I kept the majority of the photo blurry to enhance the dreamy atmosphere. 

Venetian Blurred Sunset

I like to try different things when I take photos. Sometimes, intentionally blurring the photo can make the shot more mysterious or beautiful. I was interested by the sun setting over the dock and I wanted to see how it would like a little bit blurry.