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Man Fishing in Humber River

I took this photograph of a man fishing in the Humber River in Toronto.

Trash Discarded by the River

Our planet is beautiful with many amazing creatures. It saddens me to see that people are so careless and just throw their trash on the ground. I think we need to start treating our… Continue reading

Trees Sprouting New Leaves

    Spring has finally arrived in Toronto. After the long cold winter, it’s nice to see signs of new life. I took photographs of the trees sprouting new leaves.

White & Yellow Tulips

     I took photographs of white and yellow tulips in Toronto.  Flowers are beautiful but possess a quiet strength. It’s amazing how something so delicate can withstand so much.

Reflections in a River

Reflections are interesting and provide a different perspective.  I took this photograph at a river in Toronto.

Wood Strong & Beautiful

I took these photographs in Toronto. Wood is strong, durable and beautiful.

Broken Tree

Beauty is everywhere. I saw a tree that had broken limbs in Toronto and took these photographs. Broken wood is beautiful in a unconventional way.

Silhouettes, Shapes & Shadows

     I took these photographs in Toronto. I love the shapes & shadows that silhouettes create.

Canada Goose

I took this photograph by a river in Toronto.

Captivating Yellow Flower

  A yellow flower caught my attention in Toronto and I took these photographs.