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Canada Goose Grazing

I took this photograph of a Canada Goose looking for food at a park in Toronto.

The beauty of water

      I took these photographs in Toronto. I was inspired because water is essential to life, beautiful and can be deadly.

Pink Flower

                            Spring has finally arrived in Toronto. I took a photograph of a pink flower that was beginning to bloom.… Continue reading

Men Fishing in Toronto

                            I saw men fishing in a creek in Toronto. I found it interesting and took this photograph.  

Spring Flowers

I saw a bouquet of flowers next to the road. I really liked the contrast between the strength of the cold, hard cement and the fragile, delicate beauty of the flowers. I took… Continue reading

Shadows on Brick Wall

I enjoy taking photos of shadows because they are interesting and unique.  I love the shapes and outlines that the shadows create. I saw a brick wall with a tree casting shadows on… Continue reading

View through a door

I wanted the focus of this photo to be the view through the bars on the door. I took the shot on a slight angle and converted the image to black & white.… Continue reading

Broken Wooden Fence

I have been taking photographs from a close perspective lately. I saw a broken fence and felt that this would make an interesting photograph. I chose to shoot from a close viewpoint because… Continue reading

Dogs in and around Toronto

I love capturing the beauty in things that most of us tune out. That’s why I enjoy taking photos of everyday objects. I think that for the most part, you can control shots… Continue reading

Reflections in Puddles Series

I wanted to share more photos that I took of reflections in puddles. I love the surreal, mysterious and dreamy effect that it creates. I used Adobe Photoshop to adjust the levels and… Continue reading