Photographs from a closer perspective

  It’s fun to take shots of objects from different perspectives. Things that look ordinary from a distance can look really special closer up. I wanted to share four colour photographs that I took of ordinary items. We usually pass by these items everyday and view them at a distance. I felt that the discarded newspaper on a bench, theContinue reading “Photographs from a closer perspective”

Shapes & Shadows at a Playground

I noticed some eye-catching and unique shadows underneath a playground and was interested by the shapes that were created. I wanted to focus on the shapes and shadows and felt that the photos would work better in black & white. I adjusted the contrast and levels to add more depth and a create a dramatic feeling to the photos.

Dogs in and around Toronto

I love capturing the beauty in things that most of us tune out. That’s why I enjoy taking photos of everyday objects. I think that for the most part, you can control shots of landscapes and objects. People and animals are a bit more of a wildcard. Just when you think you’ve set up aContinue reading “Dogs in and around Toronto”

Black & White Photography: Graffiti and lock

I came across a building with graffiti which caught my eye. It felt abandoned, sad and a bit lonely. I decided to take a wide angled shot to feature the property and the desolate vibe. There was a dumpster close to the property. I found the shapes interesting and chose to take a close upContinue reading “Black & White Photography: Graffiti and lock”

Reflections in Puddles Series

I wanted to share more photos that I took of reflections in puddles. I love the surreal, mysterious and dreamy effect that it creates. I used Adobe Photoshop to adjust the levels and the brightness and contrast. I also rotated some of the images for a different perspective.

Black & White Photography: Fences and Shadows

I was walking the other day when some fences caught my attention. I used the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to take some photographs. I took the photo on the left because I was fascinated by the way the shadows displayed on the sidewalk. I wanted to take the photo from angle that weContinue reading “Black & White Photography: Fences and Shadows”

Colour Photography: Puddle Reflections

I wanted to take some new photos using my DSLR camera.  Yesterday, it was overcast and a bit rainy so there were puddles everywhere. I started to notice how things were reflected in the puddles. It caught my attention and I chose to take some  photographs.  I’m glad I did because the photos have aContinue reading “Colour Photography: Puddle Reflections”

Using Colour to Strengthen a Photo

I love the timelessness of b&w photography and the energy of colour photography. Depending on the subject, colour can enhance the strength of a photo. I recently took photos where one colour was prominently featured. I feel that using this technique can increase the depth of a photo and make it a bit more interesting.Continue reading “Using Colour to Strengthen a Photo”

Black and White Photograph: Train on Tracks

I took a photo recently of a train sitting on the tracks. I chose to take the photograph on an angle for a different perspective. This photo works better in black and white because more focus is placed on the tones, angles and shadows. I feel that this also adds a little bit of mysteryContinue reading “Black and White Photograph: Train on Tracks”

Getting to know my DSLR camera

    I purchased my first Digital Single Lens Reflex camera for my trip to Ireland at the end of August 2013. I’ve taken quite a few photos using this camera. Some have turned out better than others. I want to take better photos and improve my skills. To accomplish my goal, I need to getContinue reading “Getting to know my DSLR camera”